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Work Absenteeism

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Our client, a household supply company, came to Winterman due to the following situation: one of its employees asked to be fired in order to obtain unemployment benefits. The company refused and shortly afterwards the employee went on medical leave.

Facing suspicions of fraud, our client asked us for advice and consultation in order to deal with the issue.

We studied the case and a series of actions were considered with the objective to verify if the medical leave was justified or fraudulent.

Thanks to our actions, the client was able to verify and obtain the necessary proof that confirmed that the worker was in perfect physical condition and, therefore, was committing fraud.

Cases of work absenteeism have grown in Spain by 21% between 2014 and 2017, being a serious problem for the economic stability of the companies affected by it. Thanks to our actions, our clients can fight this type of fraud successfully, avoiding financial losses and making our services profitable.