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The company

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The company

Winterman. We are a Spanish consulting firm whose mission is to bridge the gap between what companies believe they know, what they should know and, especially, what they are able to know about their market in order to influence and lead it. More information gives the client more power to influence the market.

At Winterman, we face the challenges of our clients with efficiency and commitment, transforming conflict situations into business opportunities. Likewise, our corporate and forensic investigation team resolves and mitigates incidents and actions related to unethical behavior that threatens the corporate integrity of our clients.


Our history defines us

We were founded 45 years ago as a private investigation company specialized in the investigation of business and financial fraud by Mr. José María Vilamajó, today president of the company. We professionalised the sector, becoming market leaders with a team of detectives that are highly trained and extremely qualified.

With the emergence of new technologies we have invested heavily in a team of engineers specialised in forensic computing, becoming the first company in Spain to merge forensic computing with investigation, generating global solutions in order to defend the interests of our clients.


Winterman’s trajectory

The investigative sector is in constant change; research techniques have evolved extensively and more companies are beginning to identify the value of information as a tool for business opportunities and risk prevention. Our teams are constantly learning new processes to obtain and analyse information. We have created a division that advises our clients in decision-making, minimizing the risk of error and calibrating collateral scenarios and actions that could potentially harm or weaken their organisations.

Our strategic vision of security allows us to identify and avoid problems during expansion projects, internationalisation or operational decisions, especially in projects where investment and reputation are a key element.

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Our Founder

José Mª Vilamajó. Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Winterman

In 1973, José María Vilamajó founded Winterman Solvimar, a private investigation company based in Terrassa (Barcelona). His training in engineering helped him to detect the need to create procedures for the investigation and detection of fraud in a society immersed in profound social and business changes. These procedures, many still in use, allowed Winterman to grow exponentially and made José Mª Vilamajó a national benchmark in the private detective sector. He also led various professional associations and created the first professional private detective school in the world.

Winterman Solvimar went from being a leader in the local market to being the first and, still today, the only private investigation company based in seven Spanish cities and whose activity focuses exclusively on the investigation of labor, corporate, financial and insurance fraud.

Among his many achievements, his entry into the Police Merit Order, in 2013, stands out.  He was warded the Police Merit Cross in recognition of his valuable contribution to public and private security.

Winterman is now present in more than 5 countries throughout Europe and Latin America, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, professional rigor, honesty and loyalty that he knew how to transmit to his entire team. Some of these professionals continue to occupy important positions in the organization, passing on their experience, knowledge and commitment to the profession to new generations.