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Our team is our main added value, as we have a multidisciplinary group of professionals that combines knowledge, enthusiasm and vocation. Likewise, our commitment and degree of involvement with our clients allows us to provide a top quality service that becomes our main competitive advantage.

Message from CEO
Enric Vilamajó – Winterman CEO

I started my professional career at Winterman 20 years ago, a company that I now have the honor to lead, and which was founded by my father more than 45 years ago. During this time, I have experienced economic and business situations of all kinds and in all of them my father, and mentor, has transmitted to me the values of justice, effort, generosity and honesty. All these values have influenced my personal and professional activity, first as a private detective, then as an intelligence and security consultant and now as the company’s executive director.

From the beginning, we have worked to provide operational security and tools so that our clients can protect themselves from the impact of corruption, fraud and illicit practices that can damage the image and prestige of companies and their leaders.

Our effort and commitment are focused on preserving the corporate integrity of our clients, while at the same time we commit to to society in the defense of fair, sustainable and corruption-free economic development.

In my work as an entrepreneur, manager and in my role as a teacher, I try to transmit everything that I believe in and converted in the founding goal of our company; preserving integrity as the cornerstone of social and economic relations.

I believe in ethics and human values, and I stronlgy believe that these must be present in all personal aspects as well as in business and commercial activity. That is why I apply and transmit them to my team in my daily management of the company.

Our purpose and values

At Winterman we believe that the progress of a company must be strongly linked to social development, which is why we defend sustainable economic growth, with responsibility and without damaging the environment. The abovementioned is carried out in order to preserve and guarantee cultural and social wellbeing.

Likewise, we defend integrity as a value and basis of our professional activity. Rigor, veracity, honesty and transparency are just some of the values that derive from that integrity and that we apply to our company culture.