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Management crisis in Latin America

We were contracted by a Spanish hotel management company to offer support in the resolution of a conflict with their local partners, with whom they exploit their activity in different countries in Latin America. The local partners could be embezzling funds and deviating assets to parallel partnerships that are uniquely controlled by them.

On our side, our intelligence team carried out a first research with the aim to determine the economical impact and the operational risks that our client was facing in this conflict.

Operational centres were established from which we selected the different legal teams to defend our client’s interests and to identify the influencers to help and support our interest in order to stop, as soon as possible, the counterpart’s criminal actions, indispensable condition to be able to reach an agreement to allow the client to reorganise his activity and operations with normality.

Regarding security, the risks on each country were analysed where action was needed in order to define the levels of safety to be established, adding the socio-political realities of each area to the safety needs derived from the current conflict situation. In that way we could implement the security measures that guaranteed the integrity of the real state assets of the company, the safety of the people that had been moved there and the information contained in the client’s systems to avoid future risks.

All the intelligence generated from the countries where the facts had taken place allowed knowing closely the counterpart’s intentions, as well as the action plan that they had designed to carry out the fraud, being able to neutralize in huge measure the fraud and achieving an extra-judicial agreement that allowed the client to regain control of his companies, recover great part of the assets and save time and resources in complex judicial processes that could have taken years in reaching a resolution with the evident prejudice for the client.