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Is it better to know or not to know? How to avoid putting the company at risk

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By Enric Vilamajó, Winterman’s CEO

Due diligence and pre-hiring reports

Nowadays, we have many tools that can be very helpful when making decisions, one of which is the Due Diligence Report, a key element in order to protect any business from a high-risk situation or a mistaken decision.

We all know that information is power, therefore, having the correct information at the right moment can save us from a bad business deal, a fraudulent transaction or a purchase-sale of toxic assets. Our Due Diligence Reports provide the appropriate competitive advantage to make the best decisions and avoid any scenario that may generate a conflict or risk for the company.

The intelligent analysis of information collected in large databases and open sources allows us to offer a service of high value and of great utility to all types of companies, offering accurate, up-to-date and relevant information in order to carry out purchase-sale procedures, sign contracts, carry out mergers or hire suppliers in a safe and secure way.

Another critical point for the reputation of any company is the hiring of new staff. Knowing the professional background and legal situation of possible candidates is of absolute importance in order to avoid any episodes of reputation crisis, fraud or mismanagement. Not everyone is who they say they are, so the best protection tool is our pre-hiring reports, which contain all the information necessary to know the viability of a new contract.

Our pre-hiring reports guarantee companies the incorporation of the best personnel. We not only verify the academic training and work experience, but also analyze the psychological profile and any background that may be relevant for the company and the workplace.

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