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Our team of corporate investigators is composed of detectives, forensic experts and computer engineers with years of experience in the fight against financial fraud, business corruption and economic crimes. This division began its activity 45 years ago and since then it has helped to defend the corporate integrity of more than 5,000 clients around the world.

We strongly believe in new technologies, supporting our research teams with the latest tools for the analysis of Internet sources.

Our reports are successfully used in judicial processes and ratified by our professionals.

Corporate investigations

• Unfair competition
• Protection of industrial and intellectual property
• Assets search
• Activity control
• Internal investigations
• Hiring Process Analysis
• Corporate defense
• Economic crimes
• Investigation of fraudulent activities
• Control of labor absenteeism
• Analysis of merger and acquisition

Forensic Services

• Financial and insurer fraud
• Internal fraud
• Undue appropriation
• Obtaining and processing electronic evidence
• Installation of hidden cameras
• Heritage investigations

Assistance to litigation
  • Ratificación judicial de informes de investigados
  • Periciales caligráficas
  • Obtención y tratamiento de evidencias electrónicas

• Judicial ratification of investigative reports
• Handwriting experts
• Obtaining and processing electronic evidence