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Internal Fraud

Our client, a company in the service sector, came to Winterman because its earnings had fallen in the months prior without having any observable decrease in the workload. This situation led the company to suspect possible malpractice by one of its employees.

We studied the case and proposed different actions in order to verify if the client’s suspicions were well founded. The objective of the service was to identify the people involved in possible malpractice, as well as to ascertain their methods and modus operandi.

Thanks to our actions, the client was able to confirm that one of its workers was not registering certain services in order to keep the amount charged to the client. These actions were being carried out periodically, causing serious financial damage to the company.

Detecting internal fraud and obtaining supporting evidence is the main objective of our team specialized in the detection of internal fraud. Thanks to our professional services, our clients can save large amounts of money and establish anti-fraud preventive measures.