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We extract and collect information for in-depth analysis, in order to be able to anticipate potential scenarios, reducing uncertainty and maximising success in decision making.

Effective leadership is based on the ability to act and anticipate situations of change. Decision making is inherent and necessary for optimal management of companies, institutions or public entities.

Strategic Intelligence

• Due Diligence
• Analysis of scenarios
• Geopolitics / Geostrategy

Competitive intelligence

• Analysis of the competition
• Online Reputation
• Emerging markets

Cyber Intelligence

• Electronic surveillance
• Monitoring vectors of influence
• Online reputation analysis

Criminological Intelligence

• Criminal behavior
• Handwriting analysis
• Sociological / socio-criminological studies

Risk Management and Evaluation

• Country-Risk ratings
• Corporate defense
• Compliance

Corporate Diplomacy

• Strategic communication
• Political and institutional advice
• Lobbying

Winterman is a member of the Association of Compliance Professionals (CUMPLEN), a non-profit association whose main purpose is to contribute to the development, dissemination and professionalization of compliance.