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The firm

Winterman. We are a Spanish consultancy specialized in corporate research, strategic intelligence, and security with more than 50 years of experience. We assist businesses and corporations, both public and private organizations, in assessing and managing risks that may impact their operations.

We have a team of over 80 professionals distributed across our six offices in Spain and our delegations in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, and Chile.

Our highly trained and committed teams regularly carry out incident response operations, searches for goods and assets, crisis management, investigations of internal fraud and business, and litigation support services at both national and international levels.

We possess an advanced strategic intelligence unit that advises our clients on competitive intelligence, geopolitical analysis, technological surveillance, and communication and influence.

Likewise, we have our own computer forensics laboratory, whose engineers support various projects in electronic evidence management, digital investigation or e-Discovery, among other disciplines related to cybersecurity.

Our history defines us

45 years ago, we were born as a private investigation company specialized in corporate and financial fraud investigation, founded by Mr. José María Vilamajó, who is today the president of the company. Our contribution was to professionalize the sector, becoming market leaders with a team of highly trained and qualified detectives.

Later on, with the advent of new technologies, we once again got ahead of our time by heavily investing in a team of engineers specialized in computer forensics, creating the first major company in our country to effectively merge investigation with computer forensics, generating global solutions for the defense of our clients’ interests.

The market evolves, and so do we

The investigation market has evolved significantly, and it continues to do so in our country, where more and more companies are starting to firmly believe in the value of information as a tool for risk prevention and the creation of business opportunities. That is why our teams have been evolving and incorporating more specialized profiles in the processes of obtaining and analyzing information, until creating a division that supports our clients in decision-making, minimizing the risk of error and calibrating collateral scenarios to any action that could potentially harm their organizations.

Our strategic vision of security allows us to prevent damage in projects related to expansion, internationalization, operational or production decisions, and especially in projects where investment and reputation are a key element. Our intelligence analysts generate specific knowledge of their environment for our clients so that they can exercise a dominant position in the medium in which they conduct their activities.

Our founder

José Mª Vilamajó. Founder and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Winterman.

José María Vilamajó founded Winterman Solvimar in 1972, a private investigation company based in Terrassa (Barcelona). His background in engineering helped him identify the need to create procedures for the investigation and detection of fraud in a society undergoing deep social and business changes. These procedures, many of which are still in use today, allowed Winterman to grow exponentially and made José Mª Vilamajó a national reference in the private detective community. Furthermore, he led various professional associations and created the world’s first professional college of private detectives.

Winterman Solvimar went from having a local presence to being the first and, still today, the only private investigation company headquartered in seven Spanish capitals, focusing exclusively on the investigation of labor, corporate, financial, and insurance fraud.

Among its many achievements, its admission into the Order of Police Merit stands out, with the awarding in 2013 of the Police Merit Cross as recognition of its valuable contribution to public and private security.

What Winterman is today, a company present in more than 5 countries across Europe and Latin America, is due to its entrepreneurial spirit, professional rigor, honesty, and the loyalty it was able to instill in its entire team. Some of these professionals continue to hold positions of relevance in the organization, passing on their experience, knowledge, and commitment to the profession to the new generations.