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Is it better to know or not to know? How to avoid putting the company at risk

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By Enric Vilamajó, Winterman’s CEO

Due diligence and pre-hiring reports

Nowadays, we have many tools that can be very helpful when making decisions, one of which is the Due Diligence Report, a key element in order to protect any business from a high-risk situation or a mistaken decision.

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Keeping Risk Under Control

By Enric Vilamajó, CEO Winterman.
Any business involves risk; therefore leaving everything to chance is reckless and dangerous. Its clients, its growth policy, its development and its economic stability define the strength of a company. Equally as important is its ability to manage, control and mitigate risks.
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Brand Value

By Sergi González, Brand Integrity Expert.
Protecting your brand is essential in order to preserve the image and the economic health of your business. Brand Integrity policies avoid, prevent and mitigate the damage that the illicit market causes to Companies.

The brand is the commercial identification of a product or service, and goes far beyond the product or the service itself, as it includes a psychological, symbolic and expectation aspect which the consumer associates with, and wants to obtain when buying a product. This requires that the brand to stand out above all others, becoming the first barrier to potential competitors.
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Control of corporate resources use and employees loyalty

By Enric Vilamajó, CEO Winterman.
The prevention and detection of the internal fraud is essential for the good development of a company. The preventive measures will reduce the risk of commission and an early detection will prevent its spread and volume.

Once again the media picks up the apparent conflict between privacy and control in the scope of labor relations. To what extent is the boss entitled to control a possible unfair or fraudulent activity? What would we consider privacy in the work environment?
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Tools to mitigate fraud and corruption

By Enric Vilamajó, CEO Winterman.
We understand fraud as any action contrary to the truth that cause a prejudice to a person or organization. Using the proper tools and processes we can control its impact, prevent it or even mitigate it.

‘Rato Case ‘, ‘Mercurio Case ‘, ‘Millet Case ‘ … These are just some of the fraud and political corruption cases that Spain has gone through over the last years. And what happens is that the latest scandals are on the front page of every newspaper increasing public concern about corruption and security.
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Compliance, internal affairs policies in the company

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By Ainhoa Sanjuan, manager of the Advisory Services Department at Winterman
The risk is never removed; it is minimized and controlled. One single person can compromise the reputation, strategy and the corporate objectives of a company. However, if the company is committed with the self-normative compliance, fraudulent attitudes can be prevented, detected and mitigated. Compliance policies prevent the company from the necessity of assuming responsibility for actions that entail corruption and crimes by any of its officers or employees.

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