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Successful Projects

Internal Fraud

Our client, a company in the service sector, came to Winterman because its earnings had fallen in the months prior without having any observable decrease in the workload. This situation led the company to suspect possible malpractice by one of its employees.

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Work Absenteeism

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Our client, a household supply company, came to Winterman due to the following situation: one of its employees asked to be fired in order to obtain unemployment benefits. The company refused and shortly afterwards the employee went on medical leave.Leer más »Work Absenteeism

Reputational risk report

An investment company with its venue in the United Kingdom began a process of acquisition of a very significant percentage of a Spanish technological and development company. While the financial and legal due diligence were elaborated, Winterman was required to make a reputational risk report about the main shareholders and executives of the entity. It was known that the main executive of the company had been involved in a matter of corruption which was not brought to court as the parties came to an agreement and the matter was closed discretely.

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Internal fraud

We were contacted by a company of the food industry to confirm some initial evidence which made them suspect that the current Marketing director, could be making operations above the market value, on most occasions being contracts for promotion and public relations services.Leer más »Internal fraud

Response to incidents

People responsible for safety on a multinational company of the financial sector, detect, by means of their Security Operation Center (SOC) some suspicious connections on their system and request from Winterman an advanced support level to analyse them.Leer más »Response to incidents

Brand Protection

An important company of the fashion sector, informs us of the location of possible forgeries in the area of Mallorca.

Our team of Brand integrity makes a tracking, locating sales points, acquiring products as a test with their pertinent chain of custody, and possible points of distribution and storage of forged products are identified.Leer más »Brand Protection

Management crisis in Latin America

We were contracted by a Spanish hotel management company to offer support in the resolution of a conflict with their local partners, with whom they exploit their activity in different countries in Latin America. The local partners could be embezzling funds and deviating assets to parallel partnerships that are uniquely controlled by them.Leer más »Management crisis in Latin America