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Brand Protection

An important company of the fashion sector, informs us of the location of possible forgeries in the area of Mallorca.

Our team of Brand integrity makes a tracking, locating sales points, acquiring products as a test with their pertinent chain of custody, and possible points of distribution and storage of forged products are identified.

Making a detailed study of the acquired products, common features and characteristics are detected which indicate a possible local origin of the production.

The different producers with manufacturing capacity are investigated, as both due to the number of sales points and to the machinery necessary for that production, the number of possible manufacturers was limited.

Through social engineering, surveillances and sources the manufacturer and the people involved in the distribution of the forged products could be detected, and the manufacturing and storage centre was located.

After all the information was communicated to the Civil Guard and the pertinent claim was filed, the Civil Guard proceeded to the inspection of the located places, and to the seizure of a great number of forged products and of the manufacturing machines. In total, more than 650,000 Euros in material within the accusation of the involved parties.