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Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Management of fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical business priority, no matter the industry sector. All companies have something in common: its brands are its more important actives. Our Brand Integrity team has been working for more than 40 years helping companies to protect their integrity against fraud and corruption, offering a specific intellectual property protection program.

The experience and skills of our detectives allows us to develop different solutions for each client, adapting the research to the type of product and market.

Brand Protection Program against:

• Conterfeiting and “lookalikes”
• Ilicit greys (parallel distribution)
• Ilicit use of trademark: name & logos
• Risk analysis of potential red flags
• Evidential test purchases (ETP)
• Undercover operations
• Product tracking follow up (distribution and/or production)
• Identification of illicit points of sales (PoS)
• Training for customs personnel

E-Commerce Control:

• Internet monitoring; looking for knockoffs, counterfeits and look-alikes
• Identification and position of points of sale
• Social networks research
• Brands follow up and lookalikes
• Study techniques and solutions to strengthen online brand protection